Quillcards Is Being Temporarily Affected By Our Web Host Rebooting Its System

This is a follow-up to our last newsletter about Quillcards being affecting by our web host working to patch vulnerabilities in Intel chips.

Our hosting company, Digital Ocean, which hosts thousand of websites, began a server reboot at 2pm UK time today.

Our site went down at 2:02pm, and it has not come back up automatically. Therefore we are going to have to manually restart it, which will not be until tonight.

Then we will also need to do some work on our setup, and we will do that after the site is running again.

As we said before, Digital Ocean is doing the reboot because of the industry-wide security vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre that affect Intel chips that are deep at the heart of many web host servers.

Update Tuesday Evening

The site is now running normally.

Quillcards May Be Affected By Our Web Host Patching Vulnerabilities in Intel Chips

You may have read in the news that there are industry-wide security vulnerabilities, known as Meltdown and Spectre, in the Intel chips used in literally millions of systems and thousands of web hosts.

Because of these vulnerabilities in the chips, web hosts need to patch and reboot their systems.

This is not a problem in Quillcards itself. It is a problem with the Intel chips used by web hosts all over the world, including the chips used by our web host.

We have been expecting to hear from our web host about this and we have now received an email from them telling us when they are going to start work to patch their system to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Our web host is beginning the work now and will start with data centers in the USA. Then they will move to deal with data centers elsewhere.

When Will We Be Affected

Our data center is located in London in the United Kingdom, so it will be affected at some point later this week or next week.

This is an unknown. Rebooting their system and our system may be easy and you may not notice it, or it could take us down and we don’t know how quickly we will be able to restart the site.

Our web host has promised us at least 24 hours ahead of scheduled maintenance windows for our data center.

We can’t do anything about the maintenance schedule but we will make every effort to keep you updated.

We will add updates here and on the Server Updates page on this site.

We suggest you bookmark this page so that you can reach it easily.