Server Updates

Quillcards has a very high up-time record over several years, exceeding 99.99% uptime.

On the very rare occasions that there is a scheduled downtime or an issue with Quillcards, we post status updates here. We are able to do that because this site is hosted on a different web host from the main site.

You can also get updates from our Twitter feed at @Quillcards.

All logged times are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is for all practical purposes the same as Greenwich Mean Time or London Time.

If you are interested in how time is measured, our article on the Quillcards blog tells the history and the facts about Universal Time.

Server Log

Check to see whether anything is marked as unresolved in the server log entries below. If nothing is shown as unresolved, then Quillcards should be running OK.
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Logged at 15.01 UTC May 19, 2016:
Quillcards emails are routed via SparkPost. Quillcards is working OK but a server at SparkPost is down. The engineers at SparkPost have posted an advisory notice to say that they are working on the problem urgently. Quillcards cannot send ecards until they fix the problem.

16.59 UTC May 19, 2016:
SparkPost email delivery service for Quillcards has been restored.

Logged at 09.29 UTC December 22, 2016:
Digital Ocean, the web host for Quillcards, moved the Quillcards web site and other web sites to a new server. The Phushion passenger application (part of the Quillcards setup) did not restart automatically at 03.32 when the work was completed. I saw the monitor notification when I got up the morning and the dev restarted the application and it was back on line at 08.42.

Logged at 15.37 UTC March 20, 2018:
Our hosting company, Digital Ocean, is doing a server reboot to mitigate a chip vulnerability in its systems.

Our site went down at 14:02 UK time today. It has not come back up automatically. Therefore we are going to have to manually restart it, which will not be until tonight.

Logged at 21:13 UTC March 20, 2018
The site is back up and running normally.

Logged at 08:30 UTC February 12, 2019
SSL certificate is valid but did not activate. We are waiting for the developer to activate it manually.

Logged at 10:30 UTC February 13, 2019
SSL certificate installed and the site is running normally.