July Heat and Drought

In March at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, the Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis) was flowering. The flowers of the Yoshino Cherry are white when they are fully open, but tinged with pink when the buds are closed or just opening.

Now in late July the flowers have gone, but the leaves are bright. and the tree stands out against the pale buff of the dry grass.

The grass is pale buff because it hasn’t rained since the end of May, and even that was just a light shower. How long can grass do without rain before it is too late for it to recover?

There were two long days of record breaking heat a few days ago, with a high of 37°c. The forecast is that it will rain today and tomorrow, and after that there is no rain forecast for the next two weeks. The question is how much will it rain today and tomorrow? The grass especially, needs hours and days of steady rain.