Fossil Fuel Divestment

The writing is on the wall because of climate change worries, but even without that there are the pollution consequences. So the argument goes that the more people who divest, the quicker fossil fuels becomes unattractive to others. That’s the argument. The problem with the argument is that for every stockholder that divests there must be a stockholder that invests – there must be a buyer for every seller. The buyers are likely be those who have listened to the environmental concerns and don’t care. Being who they are, they are more likely not to care what the oil companies do.

So the worst traits and behaviour are given more free rein, leading to more shortcuts, more Gulf Of Mexico oil spills. The price will find its own level and not fall through the floor, so the fossil fuel companies won’t suffer. Perhaps the divestment movement sees other effects – such as that Governments will be carried along by the wave of concern and legislate to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

But excepting knock-on effects like this, I can’t see a flaw in the argument that the unintended consequences of fossil fuel divestment is to concentrate ownership in the hands of those who don’t care.

Biofuel From Cows Exhaust Gases

I don’t know how long cows in mega farms spend in a barn, but even if it’s only part of the day, perhaps farmers could put in a negative airflow so that the air pressure would automatically send the emissions from the cows into a holding tank.

And maybe there are converters that would grab the emissions out of the air as they pass through and would store the methane and let the rest of the gases pass through.

Brushes With The Truth

How not to mix up fake with the true in a world full of casual brushes with the truth – uncaring as to what is real and what is not. In principle it has always been the same for some of the population. Now, however, we have reached critical mass.

Each uncaring and unthinking person has access to weapons of war. A tweet ricochets off another tweet and spins off into another social media platform. Like a pinball machine full of pinballs, the machine gets hot and melts down.

Anger, frustration, good old-fashioned annoyance – they have nowhere they want to go except deeper into the furnace.

And the furnace spits them out. It doesn’t need them except as examples of persons.

It doesn’t care about them except for whatever trace they leave behind in the social weave.

If they all disappeared tomorrow, their loss would be calculated in loss of engagement, followers, likes, and shares.